Wednesday, July 18, 2012


But...but...she seemed so demure. So needy. I mean, look at that poor thing trying to hide in a laundry basket. Look at those eyes! The people at the kill shelter where she was turned in by someone who had "too many animals" clearly understood how demure and needy she was. That obviously was why they sent her to a county rescue which in turn sent her to a rescue in New Jersey, which was too close for comfort. My comfort, that is. I'm only one state away. When the heroic woman who runs that rescue said she would drive the puppy here...well, obviously it was a sign. A sign of something, anyway.

There are also signs that say things like "Open Manhole" or "Pavement Ends Here."

Tia the Terrible has now been with me for ten days. She's utterly charming. Those eyes are just as cute as they look in the picture. Only...her expression has brightened up considerably. Why not? In ten days, she has carved out my house and my life exactly to her liking.

We now have morning walks. Obviously, Tia conferred with the doctor who told me this was a necessity. She's only looking out for my health. It's unfortunate that she has to do it at 6 a.m. to give me time to walk her a mile down the road and back again and still get to work on time, only slightly damp around the edges. There's never time to dry my hair because I'm usually fishing her out of the trash can the moment I get out of the shower.

We have morning coffee, too. Hers. It used to be mine, before she got her nose in it. She prefers it with half and half. Sugar is off list for both of us, thank God, because I don't think she needs more energy even if I do. After that, I cook her a hamburger. I get frozen waffles. If I'm lucky. I top them with blueberries because she doesn't like them and realize how fortunate I am that there is one item of human food she doesn't like. It's probably the only one.

She crates acceptably while I'm at work. Again, thank you, God--because I've realized why the shelter sent her on so speedily. I doubt they could contain her. The beautiful new half acre $2,000 dog-safe fence encasing my yard is a joke. She was under it before I could even get back to my own back door and she's still under it every time I put her in it. To her credit, she does come looking for me rather than running into traffic--I've learned to leave the back door open--but there's always that possibility. The first line of electric fence I ran around the bottom of the real fence did not deter her. I'm wearing bruises on my knees from her little pit bull skull smacking into them, so I suspect she has a high pain tolerance. If the UPS guy doesn't deliver a stronger charger tomorrow, I'm doomed. I was trying to go easy on her because she's just a child in a fur suit.

What's that song I'm hearing in the background? "Devil in a blue dress..."

It's another sign. I'm almost sure of it.


  1. Oh, Miriam, she's so, so adorable. She's lucky to have you as her mommy.

    LOL, I know about dogs with boundless energy. I have 3 Rat Terriers!

    Loved reading about Tia.

  2. Any hint of terrier blood should make a wise woman at least get a flak jacket. Can't say we weren't warned! (Cute little devils, though.)

  3. I love that she's looking out for your health Miriam. No doubt she phoned your doctor when you were at work. (Mine calls in pizza orders.) :) Rest assure she'll look out for you for a very long time.

  4. I'm sympathetically laughing, Miriam. I hope she grows out of the puppy thing in a year or two. ;-)


  5. I know all about that rescue the puppy syndrome. Meet Minx, my half Chihuahua/half rat terrier 3 years old this month. I had no intention of adopting a dog and if I did it would be one with a more sedate personality. No, Minx is hard-wired for chaos. She's small. She's black. She has more energy than a room full of 5-year olds. My daughter calls her "Horrible/Adorable" and my alternate name for her is "Heart of Darkness". She exercises me every morning too and frequently rearranges my personal property. My elderly cats despise her, but we manage to carry on with some semblance of peace on a day-to-day basis. She too has a crate, larger than needed for a dog her size but I couldn't see her spending the day in one so small. Don't worry, Miriam. Tia will get you trained in no time.

  6. My other dogs softened me up for Tia's training. I can see she's the one who will put on the finishing touches. About the time I'm perfect, I'll die of exhaustion. But what a way to go.

  7. Old Irish saying - A bed in heaven to you, ma'am. Good luck, Miriam!

  8. My fur babies are keeping you busy. I amazed at the way you allow them to eat your food. I can never do that LOL

  9. Thanks, Pat. It's best not to let them do it, Denise. I keep telling myself that. I had friends whose dog was seriously their child and had her own placemat and dishes. Now that's going a bit far for me, but the dog lived to a ripe old age, so I guess it didn't hurt her.

  10. This is why we go ahead and take in another cat or dog, because if we thought too hard, we'd remember all those little things they can do to drive us to distraction. Has Tia escaped recently?

  11. Gerri, that's an affirmative. Even after I upped the zap on the charger. She has perfected silly-grinning tail-wagging charm and is sure everyone is delighted to meet her.