Sunday, July 22, 2012


Like childhood, puppyhood is all too short even though you wonder at the time if you'll live through it. In the interest of sharing some of it without driving everyone bonkers, I'm offering a brief weekly tribute to the results of rescue work--in this case, one of the puppies finally "getting" me. Feel free to share your own insights and stories.

Meanwhile, Diary Entry for The Life of Tia the Terrible:

"All animals are sleeping. Do I dare say it is...quiet? As in...can I write? I had almost forgotten the joys of a puppy munching on the mattress, gnawing on my printer, cornering her eyes lovingly at me around the sole of my favorite sandal disappearing into her mouth. The flying-around-the-house-catch-me game. And the puppy sighs and no-legs collapse when she finally wears out. Can I really do this one more time? Oh, hell, why not?"


  1. Yes, Miriam, I remember every furry kid I ever had, just reading your words. Especially the "no-legs collapse."

    Shared this on my timeline, really enjoyed it! Erin

  2. Oh, I love puppies and their little 'puppy breath' and how active they are, even the disasters that come with them. Thank you for sharing this and reminding me. Now I want one too.

  3. Thanks, ladies. Nobody will ever love you the way your dog does.

  4. My fur-family consists of a vanilla lab mix and several cats. Cats live outside, because my husband claims he's allergic to them... Anyway, Gypsy is indoors, and I'm so thankful for hardwood flooring! She sheds! I got her because my granddaughter was having seizures, and I've heard dogs can help by letting us know. Turned out that poor Gypsy couldn't be around my granddaughter because of her screaming fits (she is bipolar). BUT! I am diabetic, and Gypsy has awaken me several times when my sugar level dropped during the night! I'm also out of my wheelchair because of her...having to take her out several times a day, up and down the ramp strengthened my muscles! Gypsy is worth her weight in gold! Thanks for the opportunity to talk about my love-pet!

  5. What a great story, momofemmett. Hopefully Gypsy will be by your side for many more years to protect and inspire you. I can really relate because walking my puppy three miles a day is doing great things for my blood sugar. I have never had it drop too low at night and can only imagine what a fear that must be, so I'm very thankful you have your guardian in a fur suit.