Sunday, June 10, 2012


Man's best friend.  What does that really mean?  To those who love dogs, you already know.  To those who don't, it can't be explained.

But man's best friend too often is the cute puppy that grows into an adult dog chained to the tree in the back yard, discarded and forgotten.  Or the pit bull whose courage and loyalty is perverted by humans.   It's the dog with the ingrown collar, never changed since it was a puppy, that has to be painstakingly cut away by veterinarians.  The dog with rear legs stunted and twisted by being kept since birth in a crate too small to allow for normal growth.  The injured dog abandoned by the driver of a wrecked car or left on the road.  Man's best friend can be starved, beaten, shot, mutilated.  It shouldn't happen to a dog.

Last Chance Rescue/Middlemutts is an organization composed largely of volunteers who sandwich precious hours around their day jobs, linking with shelters and animal rescue groups to provide for the least of God's creatures.  Thousands of dogs and cats pass through their hands, the lucky ones to rescue groups and private adopters.  The unlucky ones perish of disease, injury or euthanasia often by gas chamber or the so-called 'heartstick.'  It's brutal and it's ugly and every day these dedicated souls work through the pain of losing animals to save the ones they can.

At the top right of this page you will see the dog saved today.  This is Jed--a hound treated, transported and adopted through my efforts and those of shelter staff, Middlemutts volunteers and a compassionate adopter.  I hope Jed fills her heart with love and joy.

For every sale of my Kindle book Dancer Dog, the true story of my own first rescue, I will donate the royalties to Middlemutts.  For a link to my book, click on the cover for Dancer Dog.  For a link to Middlemutts, click on the picture of Jed.

And if I could make a modest proposal, would those of you with blogs and websites consider posting a picture and link to Middlemutts?  It won't cost you a dime and even a dollar donated by one of your readers helps treat a dog for heartworm or X-ray an injured cat.  The link is

Men's best friend.  If you believe it and are so moved, please help.  I will provide you with regular updates here on The Blue Rose.  The animals have no one to speak for them unless we do.  Together, we can make a difference, one precious life at a time. 


  1. Kudos to you, Miriam. Keep up the good work. I'm involved with Brother Wolf Animal Rescue and Sarge's Animal Rescue here in Western North Carolina. I saved a Chihuahua this past year. That's the life at a time. You're certainly doing your part. Hugs, Susan

  2. Thanks, Susan. You know what they say. One life might not seem like a lot, but it's everything to that one animal.

  3. Miriam, that was wonderful. I like best the picture of the paw into your (?) hand. And you are an eloquent voice for the animals, who can't speak for themselves.
    Thank you for the story.

    xoxo KATE

  4. Thank you, Kate. Not my hand, but loved the picture--so eloquent. They give us so much trust.

  5. I'm so glad it all worked out for the pup. Hat's off to you Miriam for speaking on her behalf. There's a biscuit in heaven with your name on it.

  6. Thanks, Rose. As long as my dogs are waiting for me in Heaven, that's my reward.

  7. Update: Jed (renamed Sophie because she's a girl) reached her new home at 4:30 a.m. yesterday morning. She's happy, eating, playing and finding out what it is to be loved.

  8. Your an amazing person speaking for those withut a voice. I have 8 four legged children at this time. I am an emergency rescue home. I live on 70 acres and when the SPCA is full they search out short term homes. Well my short term dogs have been here for 4 years and my three bottle fed kittens just turned three Can you see a pattern. I think they know my short term is forever as long as I can afford to feed them and keep them healthy. I have said no before, but not too often.
    Your story is great and I will help support any way I can.

  9. Thank you, Lynda! What a great story. Yes, I'm getting like the old woman in the shoe, too. I'm so glad someone stepped up to take this beautiful little hound. I hope she'll give them as much love and joy as I've had from my animals, currently two dogs, two cats and a horse. "Thank God I'm a country girl." Good luck with all your furbabies.

  10. Miriam,
    You often touch my heart. I love your books. What can I say. You did it again with this article. I don't make it over to Facebook often but I saw this and had to read it. I should visit you daily, it's clear. Thank you so much for this story. My heart bleeds for these helpless little animals. Those monsters (called humans) who mistreat them should receive a dose of their own medicine. Sorry--I'm bloodthirsty when it comes to mistreating what God gave us as good friends.

  11. Cate, I hope you do visit tomorrow because there's another great story above waiting for you and others to read it. If I can write the books that are in my heart and save the animals I love, I will be truly blessed.