Monday, July 4, 2011

A GHOST OF A CHANCE - Minnette Meador

Today I'm delighted to announce a new release by my good friend Minnette Meador.

"A Ghost of a Chance" is Minnette's stroll into into the paranormal.  As you can see from her photo above, my friend has "that look" and this genre is a natural for her!  Although I was first drawn to her wonderful historical romances set in Roman Britain, "A Ghost of a Chance" left me alternately clutching my sides in laughter and wondering how she did it.


Keenan Swanson is your typical, everyday graphic designer. Well, except for the hundreds of pesky, prank-loving poltergeists that make his life interesting (in a Chinese curse sort of way). He finds his situation precarious yet manageable—until witty, smoking-hot coworker Isabella enters the scene and Keenan decides he wants her all for himself. With a horny succubus who has other ideas, a burly city cop determined to lock Keenan away, and an evil entity who’s hell-bent on using Keenan’s seed to create a living demon, the reluctant psychic realizes he just might not come out of this alive—or with heart intact.

“Isabella, isn’t it?” Keenan hadn’t seen a ring on her finger, around her neck, or a Love John Forever tattoo any place noticeable, so he assumed she was available.
“Right. You’re Keenan. We met the other day.”
Usually he didn’t have problems talking to girls, but now it was harder than it had ever been. A hundred witty comebacks crowded his brain for attention, but not one of them could make it past the lump in his throat. His growing cock wasn’t going to be much help either; all it wanted him to do was blurt out, “Ya wanna?”
Bracing himself against possible rejection, and telling his cock to shut the fuck up, Keenan gathered his courage and charged into the fray. “Say listen, if you’re not…”
The elevator jarred to a halt and the doors burst open in front of them. At least fifteen people piled into the box, disregarding the “maximum occupancy” sign.
Keenan hit his back hard against the railing and suddenly found his arms full of warm, healthy girl.
The sounds around him came to a crashing halt when he fixated on those gorgeous almond eyes and full red lips. The urge to devour that mouth was irresistible. He felt like he was home. Her balmy scent marinated his brain, clouding out everything else. The velvet skin of her naked arms made his palms tingle.
A sudden terror seized him when he realized his rod stood at full attention, shouting, “Yippee!” Since the crowd had crushed Isabella against him, she must have felt it jumping like an excited dog against her stomach. To Keenan’s amazement, she didn’t say a word and smiled sweetly up at him. Her expression was almost pleased. It boggled his mind.
“Sorry,” he managed after a few precious seconds.
He let go and fully expected her to scrunch as far away from him as possible, a murmured “pervert” escaping her lips. Instead, she slid up next to him and stayed attached to his shoulder, turning her lovely breasts to the doors.
Keenan had a hard time keeping his eyes off them, noting with interest that both nipples were little rocks against the black fabric. He forced himself to focus on the bald spot on the head of the guy in front of him. He hoped to God the man wasn’t pushed back; in Keenan’s current state, it might be difficult to explain what rested against the man’s ass.

 Find my talented friend's book at the following links.  I guarantee you won't be sorry!


  1. The blurb makes me laugh & the excerpt says give me more.


  2. Good morning all! Thanks for coming over today. I thought we could talk about first dates... Do you have a funny story? A horror story? Let's hear them!

    A big thanks to my good friend Miriam for sharing her lovely blog site! :o)

  3. I've often felt that a spirit can inhabit a house or a place. Maybe the spirit was fond of the home (his or her childhood home) or liked the place he/she now haunts(a pub, maybe). Perhaps the spirit even died in that place. (maybe he was poisoned inside the pub.)

  4. Thanks for the excerpt!I love the way you described how Isabella felt in Keenan's arms...velvet skin and balmy scent

  5. Good Morning Minnette, Always a pleasure following you around to a new exciting blog.

    First dates? I really have to think about that, After all I never technically went on a date with my ex-h.

    Oh I know, I'll tell you about the Blind Date. My friend decided to set me up with her cousin, she was happily married and having babies and pushy about the fact that I was 18 and to quote her "terminally single" not that I had a problem with being single. So he comes to my parents to pick me up, and he honks for me. Now Normally my father would be throwing a conniption fit right about this point, but I explained that he didn't know, It was a friends relative picking me up. Dad being dad, handed me cab money, and reminded me to call if I needed help. Oh and did I need more pepper spray? ~grins~ So he picked me up, we went to dinner which really is a blur to me, because I don't remember a thing about it, we got tickets for the movie, and since we had time, we went and walked around a store near the theater. I remember him buying me a cowboy hat, and that the movie was Titanic. You guessed it, The perfect date movie is probably not that movie. Don't get me wrong, I love that movie, but first date? not a wise choice. So by the time the night was over, he was telling me about his kids, all three of them, and how I'd make a perfect Mommy for them. Needless to say I bolted after thanking him for a wonderful time.

    You see by this point I had dealt with 2am feedings and sleepless nights, Friday nights at home, and all for 3 years, since my Precious and adorable nephew was born and I became the 24/7 babysitter. The thought of three kids, and an ex, and all the drama that goes with it, really didn't appeal to me. I was young and just starting out in life, no longer baby-sitting 24/7, I honestly wasn't ready to jump back into that. I'm sure he was a nice guy, but I wasn't at a point in my life where I wanted the same things as he did, and yes, I knew all of that from that first ill-fated blind date.


  6. An awkward first date, went to a concert, didn't really want to go, very uncomfortable evening, couldn't wait for it to be over with, kept thinking about the long drive back, have to go to work next morning, basically jumped out of the vehicle and ran to the door, couldn't get away from him fast enough. Needless to say, no 2nd date!

  7. Hi, Marybell - You beat me here this AM! Glad you could join us.

    Could be, Viola... I always wonder about that...

    Thanks, Maria!

    Man, Christiana - Titanic and "you'd make a good mommy"- Yikes! :o)

    Too funny, Jean! LOL I can just see him sitting in the car watching your dust! :o)

  8. Good afternoon! It's Na =) How is everyone doing on this fine Tuesday?

    I don't think it says much about my love life *coughs* if I remember my first date as being quite uneventful. No fireworks, no sparks, certainly nothing worthy of calling 911 for. All in all it wasn't bad. I think it was because with boyfriend then we were already friends to begin with, we had mutual friends and often went out together as a group. Very kumbay-ya-ish. So when we transitioned into dating it was more of the same, just more affectionate. We did the whole movie and a dinner thing. For me what was special wasn't in the activity itself but the sentimental value. Sorry guys, no funny stories to share, but on the upside no embarrassing stories either.

    Oh the horror! Whenever I get my hands on a woman's magazine, the section I turn to always are the fashion-do's and , the confessions. *grins* Love other's people's horrors and hoping that will never be me.

    P.S. I'm almost halfway through the book and I absolutely love it. The part where a twelve-year old tries to defend his mother and ends up distancing himself more from her is a sad one. Constance is just like a fairy godmother and her appearance is a timely one. I don't want to think of a vulnerable Keenan out there without his ghosts. Thank goodness he adopted them...or is it there other way around? Happy reading guys!

  9. LoL I know Minnette, that was one scary night. Needless to say we ended up kinda friends after that. I didn't avoid him, but I wasn't exactly seeking out his company either.

    Keep up the wonderful Blog posts, I am really enjoying the questions. Will be around again soon.


  10. Such fun to read these stories, all, and I'm sorry the Evil Day Job prevented me from really getting into it. I'm not sure I even remember my first date. It's been a l-o-n-g time. I wish Minette best of luck with her book!

  11. Hi, Na - I'm so glad you are liking the book! Made my day. I think your story was just fine; I had a habit of always marrying my dates, but we can talk about that some other time... ~grin~

    Thanks, Christiana - I'm glad you guys ended up as friends. Some of my best friends were dates! :o)

    Hi, Miriam - I had to work today too so didn't get back as much as I wanted. It's evening here so I'll go drum up some more company! :o)

  12. It has been so nice following you around and finding new blogs. Funny story ?? Was probable one of my first dates too. I went out with a boy who just got his car and yep we broke down. No serious we did, his transmission went out. Yeah well this was before cell phones so try explaining to your mom that you break down, lol yeah didn't go over well needless to say most dates after that I was dropped off n picked up by parents.

  13. Hey Minnette!!! Haven't had the chance to get to Jan's to pick up the book yet... Loved the excerpt tho...

    ::thinks:: First dates? I actually got fired from one of my favorite jobs because I accepted my first date with my husband while I was working there. I was working at a record store. You know... those round waxyy plastic thingys that play music when they spin around fast and have a needle on them? Well, anyway, my husband came into the store to pick up a special order CD{ they were new back then}. I checked the racks and thought we didn't have it. Turns out It was the CD that was playing in the boss's cd player... ::laughs:: My husband wqas so charmed by me that he asked me out and one of the girls heard him and told the boss... Here it is, 24 years later. I'm still with the guy and the record store is long gone... Looks like I made the right choice!

    I'm so sorry to have to tell you I no longer work at the store we met. I'll miss sitting you down and listening to your stories, and chatting while I do your makeup. I'll still keep in touch though... Miss ya! Mel, your former Lancome Diva.

  14. Hi Minnette--

    What a humorous excerpt! I feel for Keenan's plight. By the way, don't forget first meets. First meets can be just as funny as first dates.

  15. *giggles* That was a good excerpt! Keenan just couldn't keep his eyes off of her nipples LOL :P. Would love to read the rest of it

  16. Looking forward to checking out your book.

  17. Too funny, Daydmzzz! My parents would have grounded me forever! :o)

    Oh, it's so nice to hear from you, Mel and I'm so sorry you're not at the store anymore. I haven't actually been able to get over there recently - life is very busy these days. I LOVE your story! What a romantic way to meet your husband. I hope you'll still try to come over and see me sometimes. M:o)

    All right, Vonnie - How about a "first meet" for you?

    Thanks, Amy - I so glad you liked it!

    Hi, Bookfan! I really hope you like it. M:o)

  18. I once had a really great date withthe hottest guy ever and when he dropped me off home he gave me a kiss... ummm tried... no... umm He tried to freaking eat my face! LMAO Worse kisser ever! it was a nightmare I was sure he was going to eat my face.


  19. RMAO - Leanne - You crack me up! Did he take off ALL your makeup? :o)

  20. He hoped to God the man wasn’t pushed back; in Keenan’s current state, it might be difficult to explain what rested against the man’s ass.

    Oh my god.. one of the best excerpts so far.. I totally cracked up with that paragraph *grins*

    Hmm I haven't had too many bad blind dates but I've had some REALLY weird boyfriends.. I once dated a guy shorter than me and my best friend would be singing Umpa Lumpa ALL the time... then when I dumped him he still worked with a roomate and he kept making remarks to her how he'd "get" me etc.. I was like wtf psycho? I put a restrainer order on him... then I was working at this night club.. he knew I was there and showed up anyways.. I told the head bouncer who I was kind of dating.. and he and like 5 bouncers surrounded them and kicked them out after they paid a 20 buck cover fee.. ahhh the memories LOL :)

    Loving your blog tour Minnette! Have I managed to make them all? I can't remember.. I think I've been doing it every night LOL

  21. " best friend would be singing Umpa Lumpa ALL the time..." You crack me up, Chelsea! I think a date ending in a restraining order definitely counts as a bad date. LMAO - I think you have made them all... I'm so glad you're here. You bring rays of sunshine and moonlight with you...:o)

  22. LOL Minnette, I swear she sang that all the time and we lived in Nevada where there are coffehouses/casinos open super late and she'd do it when he was nearby.. he was the only guy I dated that was shorter than me :P and it wasn't a "date" date.. we dated for a week or two.. but he was totally psycho after that lol XD And yay for making them all.. I've made it my goal to make all yours :D But yeah, I have some weird stories.. I did one out here in Florida where the guy got all clingy on the first date and we had frog legs *shudders* and he tried to kiss me and I was totally not feeling it :D never talked with him again LOL XD But I hate the really clingy ones after like a first date they want to know what your doing all the time, stalking you basically.. its creepy lol :P

    And thank you so much! Moonlight mainly lately huh? LOL XD not on purpose.. just work has been busy :D I think I might get to hit the blog earlier tomorrow so yay!

  23. Wow. My Kindle's TBR list is huge, but this is definitely one more to add. Sigh. Why does it have to sound so great? giggle.


  24. LMAO Minnette, I wasn't wearing much at the time thank goodness! I was surprised I had eyebrows left when he was done YUCK! lmao Worse kiss ever!

  25. lol im loving these stories. i havent laughed this hard in...i dont know how long. :P i dont have a first date story but im clumsy, so that provides enough humor in itself. my dad installed a new screen door made of all glass. i went to go outside and i smacked right into the door. i had a huge bruise on my forehead and if that wasnt enough, i did it again later that night. and at my school, we have these heavy metal doors that lead into our audotorium and in between these doors theres a metal bar. can you see where this story is going? we had a school assembly and instead of watching were i was going, (i was reading, go figure) i ran right into the metal bar. and EVERYONE seen it. it was so embarressing. at least i can provide good entertainment. :)

  26. I dont really have a good first date story. Unless you count the really boring, incredibly cheap one that I had once, who was still hung up on an old girlfriend.

    But I loved the excerpt and cant wait to read more.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  27. Sorry I missed these before, but what fun to come back! Thanks, guys! :o)

  28. Loved the excerpt!
    My first date with my husband ended up with a very hot kiss under a very pouring rain. It's a wonderful memory...


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  30. Great excerpt!

    I had a date once who announced after we'd introduced ourselves that "We'll be going DUTCH, you know!" "Umm," I said, "all I was having was a diet soda." Then I walked out...

    Robin D
    robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com

  31. My first date was on my birthday I was 16 went to dinner on the beach it was a cute place to eat!
    Great post Thanks for sharing!

  32. I've read Minnette's other work. She's a terrific writer, and I know this book will be fun to read! I love the paranormal genre. -Laura
    L_Hogg at comcast dot net

  33. not sure how funny you think my story is but i had moved back to OKLAHOMA back in 90 after living since since 86 in ILLINOIS...i go into a pool hall some guy is following me around...i am trying to escape..he corners me and we exchange names...i laugh cuz he was ny first real kiss in the 4th grade...10 yrs later he is trying to pick me up..well we still hang out and now even have a 10 yr son together...still not sure if this falls under horror story or funny story...

  34. lol lol "He hoped to God the man wasn’t pushed back; in Keenan’s current state, it might be difficult to explain what rested against the man’s ass." I didn't expect that. Made my day. lol
    I 'm loving this tour and these excerpts.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  35. Sounds like a great book! I've added it to my wishlist :-)

    smaccall AT

  36. You have an instant reader in me!!