Thursday, May 5, 2011


Trees are great. They provide shade in the summer, and homes for birds and squirrels all year long. Some are 'evergreen' like white pine and spruce while others grow leaves that change color in the fall before dropping and obliterating my yard. Yes, I love trees.

Some trees hold secrets or take on faerie-like qualities, such as trees I have captured on film adorned with Spanish Moss. Can't you just see the plantation beyond? What history these trees have seen. Yes, I love trees.

Many cultures adore certain trees and even worship them. The Celts, in ancient times around the first of May, actually worshiped nine sacred woods by burning them in two seperate bonfires. While these trees such as Rowan, Apple, Dogwood, Poplar, Juniper, Cedar, Pine, Holly and Oak burst into flames, these early May Day celebrators would herd their livestock between them for good luck. Not very good luck for the burning trees, I imagine, but trees are a renewable fuel. Yes, I love trees.

Some trees grow hundreds of feet tall and sway in the wind, like eerie sentinels, protecting my home from the damaging rays of the sun. Their leaves remind me of the green of the mountains and their dance during storms are an eerie testament to the power of the weather. And, when one unlucky maple tree decided it had had too much of a good thing--standing tall and proud beside my driveway--down it came. On top of my car. No, no...I really LOVE trees.

Nancy Lee Badger also writes as NANCY LENNEA and lives in North Carolina which recently suffered damage in an outbreak of tornadoes, but she continues to write full-time. DESTINY'S MOUNTAIN is a recent release from Red Rose Publishing and it contains TREES. Well, the contemporary romantic suspense set in the White Mountains of New Hampshire also has stalkers, mountain rescues, ghostly voices, spicy love, and a happy ending.

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